Western Trails Alliance carried out design and construction of a new 13km mountian bike  network within the Lake Leschenaultia Recreational Reserve. The network includes nine trails 600 to 1900 metres long and ranging in difficulty from basic to intermediate.

The trails provide a great year-round riding location with excellent facilities. Construction  was undertaken by hand and machine methods  which provides a more natural feel to the trails.  Several “North-Shore”-style constructed ramps and jumps were added to some of the trails to make things more interesting.

Each trail was carefully designed to consider dieback mitigation, avoid native fauna habitats and to leave a minimal trail tread footprint. It provides a bush MTB experience on sustainable, custom-built single-track.

There are a  range of trails available for all skill levels. There is the option to go for a swim in the lake in the summer after your ridethere are camping facilitiesand you can get a coffee, snack or lunch at the cafe. There are link trails to the Rail Heritage Trail and Chidlow. Al of which makes this a ‘must-ride’ destination for local and visiting MTB riders.

During construction 65 individuals spent over 800 hrs building/raking/compacting/signing the trails with 3000+ total volunteer hours recorded from conception through to completion.